One-to-one emails using a Template?

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Relatively new to AC. I just to got 15 new subscribers this weekend, which is a big deal for me (small potatoes to some, I know).

I would like to make a short video and send to each contact–that would have their name in there, as a very personal way to say thank you. I can make the videos. I have already sent them a automation email thank you.

In the templates, there are ‘Personal Email’ templates.

How can I pull up the template and do these, one at a time, with a separate, short video for each new contact?

I tried the ‘saved response’ route, but it looks like you can’t add a .jpg in there for them to click on that would have a URL behind it to take them to YouTube. You can add a URL in the saved response, but I’m not sure they would click on just the URL. Looks kind of dangerous without a .jpg to send them to YouTube. And there YouTube URL doesn’t pull in an video or frame when you put the YouTube URL in there, as a test.

Are there any ways to do this?


Lewis Faulkner

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