How to handle different products with custom fields for one contact

Hi there,

I don’t know if this is the place to ask this question, but maybe you can put me in the right direction.

My Case:

We sell offline courses (9 lessons) for kids. Courses are being planned for different locations and different dates. I will call that Instances for now.

Our customers are parents who buy one or more courses for one or more kids. Each course (product) has a location and 9 lessons on 9 different dates. The dates and location are in custom fields of the WooCommerce order. The kids name is also in the checkout fields. All sign-ups for courses are done in separate WC orders.

What I want:

I want to send an email on/around all 9 dates of a course. In the emails I want to be able to use the kid’s name and location of the course.

An example with data

Customer1 has 2 kids.

Kid1 is in Course1 in City1 with dates: 2021-01-20, 2021-03-11, 2021-04-14, etc.

Kid2 is in Course1 in City2 with dates: 2021-01-23, 2021-03-14, 2021-04-17, etc.

For Kid2, she also buys Course2 in City 2 with lessons on 2021-05-20, 2021-06-11, 2021-08-14, etc.

Customer1 should now get:

  1. an email about Course1, lesson 1 in City1 on 2021-01-20
  2. an email about Course1, lesson 1 in City2 on 2021-01-23
  3. an email about Course1, lesson 2 in City1 on 2021-03-11 etc. etc.

My Problem:

Of course I can create a List in AC for every instance of every course (CourseX in CityX with startdateX), add the customer to the lists and create automations for each separate list, BUT… since we run maybe 20 instances a year of 8 different courses (160 instances). It makes sense to try and set this up in a more general way and make use of the date and location fields.

Can you think of a way of doing this? Or can you link me to people that can help me with this?

I hope you can shed some light on this…

All the best,


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