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Hi, I’m having a heck of a time figuring out how to manage my AC forms on my WordPress site. Specifically I can’t seem to turn off a “modal” (pop-up) form that I created, but wanted to turn off for a while during another promotion I was running.

I couldn’t figure out where to turn it off temporarily (I don’t want to delete the form entirely and have to re-create it later) so I wrote to support and they said to turn forms on/off using the plug-in, but checking/unchecking those boxes doesn’t seem to do anything. A later support person said those checkboxes only control which forms appear in the widget, which doesn’t even really make sense to me. Also, the modal/popup form does not appear in the widget regardless of whether I have the checkboxes checked or unchecked for that form.

Note that I have used the plug in to get shortcode for other forms that I have placed in specific rows on certain pages, and that’s straightforward enough. But there doesn’t seem to be any way to control a modal form.

I have a long thread with support who keeps telling me “the shortcode needs to be removed from your webpage. You’ll need to go into the edit page in WordPress and remove the code.” I’ve asked repeatedly where I would remove that shortcode, and that I never added it anywhere, but we just keep going round and around and I’m told I have to “take the shortcode out of my site code” without telling me how or where to do that.

Also the support person told me that unchecking the boxes at the WP plug-in would have the effect of “that respective form would not appear in ActiveCampaign’s Wordpress plugin through the AC Dashboard.” I don’t know what this means at all. I don’t know of anywhere at my AC dashboard that reflects anything about the WP plugin, other than the Integrate page that prompts me to download that plug-in.

It seems to me that the plug-in just does not seem to be able to control a modal form, or I’m just missing something. TIA for any guidance here.


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    Just circling back to see if anyone else has experience trying to use ActiveCampaign modal forms at WordPress sites. Since I posted my question, I continued with ongoing tech support thread and they told me where to find the script triggering the popup form, which I had wanted to turn off but not been able to find. It was in Appearance > Widgets > Footer > Custom HTML. I removed it so that solved that, but I still have no idea how I’m supposed to manage modal forms at my site.

    As I continued to experiment today, I created two more modal forms over at AC, and they are not appearing in the WordPress plugin area. Also no code is showing up in the Footer area as described above. Also, using the AC button in text editors for posts/pages pulls up a list of forms to enter but my new modal forms don’t appear. The old modal form I created a while back does appear as a choice, but when I enter that shortcode into the text editor, it does not appear on the front end. If I enter one of the regular (non-modal) form shortcodes using the AC button, it does appear just fine in the front end.

    The long and short of it seems to be the ActiveCampaign WordPress plugin simply does not work for modal forms. Anyone else with insight on this? TIA

  • Hi there, I was testing the last couple of days the modal form on Wordpress Pages. As far as I can see, the plugin really doesn't work properly for the modal forms. My way around, right now is to embed the modal forms directly with the provided script to as specific page. That works just fine.

    But still the modal form options are very limited, in terms of functions, fields and options to show. So in long term I will switch back to what works (Plugins: Contact Form 7 with Pop-Up Maker).

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