Link to registerform Wishlist goes wrong in email AC

edited December 2020 in Integrations

When someone is a new customer I want them to send an email in the automation with a link to a registerform from my online course. This is made in Wishlist.

But if I use this link in the email I send, it redirects to the homepage instead of going to the registerform?

i.e. “…”

Why does he doie that? If I mail the link outside AC, the link works perfectly well? Is there someting I forget?

Had anyone else have the same problem?


  • eyefuze
    eyefuze Chicago IL
    edited December 2020

    If the registerform is done from Wishlist you would need to ask them about this issue imo. They are a premium plugin and with the security around the content, the link may need to be configured differently. The link you posted takes to the home page yes but I see a piece of the url to be 'wishlist-member/ which may be invoking security from Wishlist and precluding a new visitor to register.

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