Is there any way to merge contacts when a custom field matches?

edited December 2020 in Deals & CRM

I know there is a manual merge option when you have to contacts that are the same but we would really like a way to merge two fields it matches. It would be a field that is not visible to the customer.

For example an employee ID or a customer id.

We import them and send an email. They register on our website for the first time with a different email address in their registration and then it creates a new registration through the API. The account we created for them has the custom field that contains our unique identifier for them. Also this value is carried through their registration and is applied to that account as well. So when they register and a second account is created in AC we want to merge it with the account that we had created for them since the EmployeeID or customer ID for that person will match. It seems that this might only be possible on email address but not custom field. Has anyone else done this?

If this should be in a different community please let me know. Mods, feel free to move it. Or perhaps it needs to be an idea for future enhancement?

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