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We are about to mark the anniversary of the passing of our colleague, Zlatko Sisic (“Z”). Many of you have joined ActiveCampaign since Z’s passing and did not have the pleasure or good fortune of working with him or knowing him. He was an inspiration to all of us and shall forever be remembered. Please take a moment to share a memory or words of gratitude to Z. We plan to share this with his family as a way to continue our bond to Z.

Please see the email below that was shared about his passing last year.

It is with a very very heavy heart that we announce the passing of Zlatko Sisic, Staff Engineer on our Security team. Z, as he was known, joined ActiveCampaign in October of 2018 and quickly made his mark as an excellent engineer, a trusted colleague and just a wonderful human being. Personally, I never saw Z without a smile on his face and great enthusiasm for his work and ActiveCampaign.


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    :heart:" alt=":heart:" /> Thank you for sharing this story.

  • isaaclaskew28414
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    Z was one of the best employees I’ve ever worked with. I worked temporarily on his team to help out with security-related issues for a few weeks when they needed some extra hands. He was incredibly welcoming to the new people working with him, and any time there was confusion on somebody’s face he offered up himself to come pair with you or sit next to you for a bit to help you understand and solve the problem.

    That happened to me a few times - I was a software developer but not aware of security-related software or any of the issues his team faced, so he helped me install and use software I was unfamiliar with to help debug their issues. Every time I had a question he answered as best he could without being condescending or throwing complicated jargon at me - he just wanted to help others learn and grow. He had an incredible wealth of knowledge and was patient with others who were learning, and that made working with him very warm and welcoming.

    Rest in peace, Z - the love and kindness you brought to the office still lives in each of us today.

  • jlee
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    Thank you Z for leaving such a positive impact and elevating what it means to be a friend and a colleague in our growing community.

  • mattthommes
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    To this day I still cannot believe Z is no longer with us.

    Z was larger than life in many ways. I was introduced to Z while working on the security team for a temporary assignment and I immediately enjoyed working with him and being around him. He had a way of making things seem calm and collected and that was primarily due to his incredibly warm, welcoming, non-judgmental nature. What may have seemed like a monumental challenge for another engineer was easy breezy when Z explained it and decided how to handle it going forward. There was hardly ever a question of if, how, or why. Z just knew. And that instinct, knowledge, and expertise helped drive ActiveCampaign forward.

    His personality was always jovial. We struck a chord and even after I left the security team for another team. We always greeted each other and stopped to chat whenever possible.

    I was extremely lucky to have met Z and blessed that he was part of my work life even if for a brief time. His mentoring, positive attitude, and genuinely caring nature I will always remember.

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