Prospecting Sequence or Cadence-Series of Tasks

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Is there a good way to create a series of tasks (the tasks would be call, email, etc) wherein the second task is triggered only once the first task is completed? This is a very basic and, as of now, manual process for outbound sales. Ideally, we add a contact to the series and they wait until the first task is complete. Once complete there is a wait for a few days and the next task is due. At anytime you could remove the contact from the series. Example:

Task 1 Call

once task is completed wait 3 days then task 2 is due

Task 2 email

once completed wait 5 days then task 3 is due

Task 3 Send linkedin message.

I tried automations. You cant seem to trigger a task based on a task being completed. The only way I can see to do it is to create a deal and create an automation for each task. Seems cumbersome. I am also interested in other ways to accomplish this outside AC if needed.


  • awarebcn
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    I’m working on something similar and have been able to build something, half functional, using goals and deals.

    This involves moving users manually through the different stages of the deal, but the automations automatically create all the tasks for the next stage, when detecting that a deal has changed the stage.

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