Tuesday Tips - Predictive Content Week 4

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It’s time to wrap up our Tuesday Tips with Tabitha: Predictive Content Series!

As you put the finishing touches on your campaign, think about the Holiday specials you’re offering and the ways that you can relay that information to your contacts. Taking the time to perfect your campaign will allow you to get your message across & your products in front of people!

Make sure to consider all of your moving parts. Creating a checklist of all of your to-do’s will ensure that all pieces of the platform are working together for your Holiday launch. Here are somethings that we check up on at Boone’s Bandanas:

  • Confirm Site Tracking is turned on
  • Double check all of your CTA’s
  • Send a test to yourself
  • Ensure your Abandoned Cart series are active
  • Create follow ups for post-purchases, new site visitors & new subscribers

Click the image below to watch this week’s tip!


To learn more about best practices when creating and sending your campaigns, read up in our Black Friday blog.

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