Would love to see these features in the new forms


Just love that this feature is coming to Active Campaign. Just a few suggestions on forms:

  1. Would love to show the modal on exit intent.

  2. Would love to have rules to exclude urls with wildcard capability. dont show on x pages.

  3. Would love to see a time delay on the popup such as 10 seconds

  4. Would love to manually trigger the forms using a JS API or html link.

  5. Would love to keep the Active Campaign logo and also get credit for the referral :slightly_smiling:

  6. If we are using site tracking a way to not show the form to users already subscribed? or show the next form in priority if there are two. For example maybe you have a form modal that is for your free course but if we know they are subscribed their form may show our offer modal getting them to upgrade their account as a customer.

  7. I dont see a way to resize or delete the image in the editor: http://d.pr/i/179ad

  8. anyway to add fields in the editor or do we have to save and add them somewhere else?



  • bizlaunchequity
    edited February 2016

    Also it would be great if the editor capabilities of the email designer were applied to the forms so we can just drag/drop, change text directly.

  • mavndigital
    mavndigital Certified Consultant Sydney, Australia
    edited February 2016

    Absolutely! I second all of that @bizlaunchequity :slight_smile:

  • bizlaunchequity
    edited February 2016

    Also I am not sure if this is possible http://d.pr/v/w5Qu

    would be great to be able to make this with the new forms. this is a bit of a stretch i know but for some reason when people fill this out on our site they fill like they are just being tapped for a reminder so leads are super high

    with the current default form but one thing we saw on another site and stole from this is making the default newsletter subscribe box a reminder widget. This has increased leads 10x for us as users don’t feel any commitment. We don’t mail these leads any offers, just put them in a reminder sequence that goes something like:


    5 days ago, you wanted us to remind you to check out WEBSITE website today. So don’t forget to check it out! :slight_smile:

    WEBSITE NAME website: URL

    In case you forgot what WEBSITE is - WEBSITE is a DESCRIPTION.

    This email reminder is made possible with Active Campaigns Automation feature. You can use it to follow up with your customers or prospects too.

    If you don’t wish to hear from us anymore, simply unsubscribe with one click.

    Thanks for your time!

    Best regards

  • bizlaunchequity
    edited February 2016

    ability to trigger the forms if certain urls variables are shown. if we are running a promo for a certain group we can add like ?activecampaignuserspromo and shows a lightbox to give them a coupon code or special offer.

  • Ted
    Ted Leader
    edited February 2016

    Hi @bizlaunchequity!

    Thank you for your AWESOME feedback!

    @John_Morrison will certainly appreciate it :smile:" alt=":smile:" />!

  • John_Morrison
    John_Morrison Chicago.
    edited February 2016

    Hey @bizlaunchequity thanks for the feedback.

    There are some good ideas in here and some overlap with things we already have on our future hit-list. I’ve added a bunch to http://feedback.activecampaign.com/ if you want to up-vote and comment on them or suggest more that would be the place.

    I can tell you straight up that we’ll probably never do #1 however as it would require using javascript to try to stop the user from navigating away and while some marketers might think this is good, it doesn’t really align with our approach and our user experience philosophies.

    For #2 I’m not sure what you mean, wouldn’t you just not include the form on the page in question?

    Could you elaborate on what you mean for #4?

    . #7 is by design to fill the area. It may change in the future but at this point simplicity was our intention.

    . #8 Only inline forms allow you to add additional fields. This is also by design, though it may change in the future as well. What other fields would you want to add?

    Thanks again!

  • bizlaunchequity
    edited February 2016


    thanks for replying

    1. Ok I can see your point with all the shoddiness going on :slight_smile: However some of us marketers are using it in better ways. We have found that our goal for first visitors is to get them to come back. exit intent allows us to ask them if they want to be reminded at a later time. Anyway thanks…

    -2 No one of our site has over 100 pages not including the blog. I would love to install Active Campaign one time in my footer and just exclude pages especially if its a main lead gen form like exclude from example.com/blog/*

    -4 made up http://d.pr/n/Ajlg

    -7 this one is frustrating that i cannot return to default

    -8 phone number but this is really bias as we use the left hand corner widget to ask people if they would like a demo of our software. if yes we like to collect phone number. People probably need other fields based on their marketing goals.

  • John_Morrison
    John_Morrison Chicago.
    edited February 2016


    For #2 I can see what you mean but I doubt we’ll tackle that one as it is a very niche feature (never say never though). I generally think this is something that should be handled more in the content management system than anything. Wordpress allow you to have ‘page templates’ and a workaround would be to have two versions of the template, one with the form and one without and set that in the individual page. Though if we were to tackle this feature the way you’re proposing I could see us doing it in the Wordpress plugin settings, not in the form builder itself (but again, never say never).

    .#4 This makes a lot of sense but the code would have to be more than that, as essentially it would need to have some sort of light-box appearance code somewhere else as well. But even so… intriguing. I’ll definitely add that one to feedback as well.

    .#7 completely hear you, individual element controls like this just weren’t in the cards for this release. If/when we were to do something like this it will be more like the way we’re doing thing in the email designer. I suspect we’ll do this one eventually, just not on the first release.

    For now though you could do something to resize it using the CSS inspector tool in the form builder.

    .#8 Phone number is a great example, thanks. I’ve passed this on to our team as well.

  • horecawebservice
    edited August 2019

    Is this still your opinion? Exit intend popups are used a lot by marketers. It was even featured in a Dec 2018 blog post as a very successful method of gathering subscribers. I think you should leave concerns about the user experience to the marketers who want to implement it on their website.


    Did you know that WPBeginner increased their subscribers by nearly 600% with an exit intent pop-up? One effective pop-up and they went from collecting 70-80 subscribers per day to a whopping 445-470 per day. Don’t knock it until you try it.

    I added this request to the feedback forum here https://ideas.activecampaign.com/ideas/AC-I-13074



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