Divi and Active Campaign

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Hi there!

We are a brand new AC user. Formerly used Hubspot for the marketing platform integrated to Salesforce and our website (WordPress).

Now, we are using AC to replace only Hubspot and keep the rest.

We use Divi theme builder in WordPress. I am struggling to get two forms to work on our site because we use Divi. Any Divi users out there that have forms that work successfully with AC?

Specifically, I have a floating AC form that does not display because I don’t know where to put the embed code into Divi. Also, I have an inline form that I set up using an inline AC form but when I enter info to the fields, I get a subscribe error; so nothing goes to AC.

This my first post, so trying to find someone that has blazed the trail that I am on. It would be great if someone had some documentation about forms created in Divi using ActiveCampaign.

Many, many thanks!



  • 610digital
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    We’ve embedded many AC forms into our Divi site. Did you add the ActiveCampaign plugin for WordPress? This will allow you to add [shortcode] to embed a form.

    But if you want more of a popup form, then I would suggest using Divi’s popup feature (Or use the Divi Popup plugin) on a Section and then embedding the form within a text module.

    If wanting to use a floating form, then you should be able to just add a Divi Section, Row and Text module, then paste in the embed code for the floating form.

    give that a try, let me know.

  • rasa66761
    edited October 2020

    Hi there,

    Just wondering - are either of you having issues with Divi and the activecampaign plugin? I’m finding that I’m unable to drag divi modules around. When I turn the activecampaign plugin off, the problem no longer persists.


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