Monthly Product Update: March

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Monthly Product Update: March

Product Releases - March 2020

Want to stay up to date on what’s new and improved in your ActiveCampaign account? Here, we share brand new features, enhancements and platform performance improvements every month.

Below we list the top product releases from March 2020.


Resend a campaign to an individual contact

Customers sometimes misplace emails, or get added to lists right after you send an important email out. You can now seamlessly choose to resend a campaign to an individual contact from the contact record. This is only for one-time campaigns and not for automated or recurring campaigns.

Available to all accounts.

Slack Automation Action with Personalization (Beta)

The Slack Automation Action makes it easy for you to post messages to any Slack channel you have access to, using the “Post Message to a Slack Channel” automation action. This will help you to communicate with your team about your Activecampaign account. For example, you can use this action to alert a channel whenever a contact or deal reaches a certain score when a contact submits an ActiveCampaign form and more.

Available to all accounts

View and leverage integration information across the platform

Your Calendly, Typeform and Unbounce integrations are more powerful than ever. You can view tags that are applied to contacts through integrations, as well as trigger automations on events in other platforms. For example, you can trigger automations on new Calendly events, or submitted Typeform and Unbounce forms.

Available to any accounts integrating with Typeform, Unbounce and Calendly. More integrations to come.

Bring more context to your conversations

You’re no longer in the dark when engaging with a known visitor. Agents now have the ability to view, add, and edit custom field data within the visitor detail pane. Editing field values in the inbox will update the contact record. By surfacing this information, agents now have context when interacting with a visitor.

Available to all Conversations users.

Make better-informed decisions with data

View how many marked your email as spam when unsubscribing

The unsubscribe report now includes the number of spam complaints received. This can help you understand how many of those who unsubscribed considered your email spam so you can make changes to your approach.

Available to all Campaigns users.

Access your campaign performance at your fingertips with your Android device

Easily check in to see how your campaigns are performing, and make sure everything is on track. Access unique opens, unique clicks, and see how each link is performing. Check to see if a winner has been determined for your split campaign and how each test is performing. Render a preview of your sent campaign. Download the app today!

Available to all Android users with Campaign reporting access.

See your split test performance side by side on iOS

It is now easier than ever to compare how the performance of your tests side by side. Simply select the performance metric you are interested in digging into and you will be able to see how the campaign performed as a whole, along with the variation of each test all in one view. Check it out on the iOS app here!

Available to all iOS users with Campaign reporting access.

Work more flexibly with these mobile app improvements

Scan business cards on the go

Manually adding contact info isn’t ideal when meeting new contacts on the go. You can now quickly snap a photo of the business card and add them to your growing contact list. This is currently available on iOS only.

Easier deal sharing for better collaboration

When collaborating with teams, having the ability to share and direct someone to a specific place - through their preferred communication channel - is common. Now it’s simple to do when sharing Deals in ActiveCampaign. This is currently available on iOS only.

Communicate with your contacts more seamlessly

On iOS, you can select your default e-mail client that will open up any time you select the email contact option. This option can be configured in the settings tab of your app.

On Android, you can now tap the message icon on the contact profile which will open up the messages app with the contact’s number pre-populated.

Provide a more tailored ecommerce customer experience

Further target your customers by segmenting on discount codes used in orders. There are two new conditions: “Has used discount code” and “Has not used discount code”. You can easily select from a list of discount codes used when setting up these two segment conditions.

A more secure experience

Account admins can now enable a session timeout. This is an account-level security setting that will log a user out if they are idle for a set period of time. While enabling this setting is not required, it is highly recommended as it will provide an additional layer of security and prevent unauthorized account access. Read more on our Help Article.

Available to all admin users.

What do you think of March’s releases? Comment below with your thoughts and watch this space for more product release updates monthly throughout the year!


  • mikeclayton
    edited April 2020

    And yet, still the most basic function of an email marketing tool gets no love…

    • no undo button for the email editor and a buggy set of restore points.
    • an image manager with functionality that would shame a 1990s SaaS business.
  • searchsmartly
    edited September 2020

    What Mike said, also - can we get the Product Updates for September please? I don’t know what % of the user base uses Stripe (we don’t) so for those of us who rely on the main platform I am keen to hear what’s in store.

  • CommunityAdmin
    CommunityAdmin Community Manager
    edited October 2020

    Hey there! All monthly updates are posted here at the beginning of the following month. We will continue to share these here on the forum, and you can find September’s forum post here!

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