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durbansouthtoyota South Africa, Durban
edited December 2015 in Email Marketing

Hi guys,

Is there a way to customize the unsubscribe section of the email.

At the moment - my emails just give a terse “unsubscribe”. Is there no way to add a little story to it like:

You are receiving this mail…bla bla.

One more thing,

There are so few fonts available on the html drag and drop editor. Can’t we get a better selection?




  • Ted
    Ted Leader
    edited December 2015

    Hey Zakaria @durbansouthtoyota !

    Yes, you can add custom copy or HTML to your unsubscribe confirmation email!.

    See below:

  • Barry
    Barry Certified Consultant Sunshine Coast, Australia
    edited December 2015

    I think here is referring to the footer in the outbound emails.

    If you just put in a different unsubscribe link it overrides the default footer. So you can come up with your own footer and customise it any way you like.

  • durbansouthtoyota
    durbansouthtoyota South Africa, Durban
    edited December 2015

    Hi Barry - thanks yes, I was referring to the footer unsubscribe link.

    Will try your suggestion.


  • Ted
    Ted Leader
    edited December 2015

    Nice catch @Barry!

    Sorry about that @durbansouthtoyota!

    Let me know if you run into any hangups with the customization of your footer.

    Also, adding a little personality or story to your unsubscribe confirmation page is a great way to win back some unsubscribes, or at the very least end the “relationship” on a good note.

  • jmaldia
    edited December 2015

    Hi @durbansouthtoyota! Just chiming in a little bit here. You may have read this on the article @Barry sent you, but just in case, you need both our Unsubscribe and Sender Info tags to replace the default footer. You can easily add those using the Personalize button on the editor.

  • stephan
    edited December 2015

    is it possible/acceptable to replace %UNSUBSCRIBE% with the update preferences link instead? I’d love to start building preference centers for myself and my clients, to use with opting down or changing the type of content they’re interested in.

    But if I do that, I’m concerned that I’ll get a warning about a missing unsub. link.

  • jmaldia
    edited December 2015

    Hey Stephan. You can add an option for the update. However, you still would need a separate Unsubscribe link that is linked with %UNSUBSCRIBE% or %UNSUBSCRIBE%&ALL.

  • becomeanex
    edited December 2020

    Is it me or does the “The emails are no longer for content that I originally signed up for” seem like awkward phrasing?


    • The email content no longer matches my reason for originally signing up.
    • The email content is not relevant to me any longer.

    @Ted Why is this Unsubscribes page in the Apps portion of the site? I would think this is a native part of the application and so I don’t understand how a third party application would play into updating the unsubscribe form for my emails/campaigns/automations/lists

  • arenonet53906
    edited January 9

    Very good question(s)!

    I am searching over two hours now to simply find that “unsubscribe” form - and still have no idea why I do not find it in “Forms”. And why I cannot simply change the language for all my unsubscribe descriptions. It is very weird!

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