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How do people track lead sources in AC? Those other marketing automation guys, which I also use (In****soft) have a lead tracking field that is set once, and cannot be overwritten. Populate a hidden field, and you have the lead source that will never be overwritten.

The problem with using custom fields in AC is that they have the potential to get overwritten if a contact comes through another lead source.

Anyone have suggestions how to handle this?



  • kristoffhenry
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    Hi Enoch,

    I’d be interested in this too. Currently I have a custom field ‘lead source’ that I am populating using different subscription forms for each channel and an automation that fills in the field.

    Is there a better way?



  • mailboxmediagroup
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    I’m also looking for this…same scenario as above, looking to track lead sources… @Ted can you help? Is there a way to set a specific field so it cannot be overwritten?

  • Ted
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    @mailboxmediagroup, @enochsears, & @kristoffhenry,

    Hey guys! Here to help - I’ll have an answer for you all tomorrow!

  • Ted
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    Hi guys - @mailboxmediagroup, @enochsears, & @kristoffhenry!

    Conferred with the braintrust here to avoid having your custom fields being overwritten if a contact comes through multiple lead sources is to implement a sequence of tagging automations to track your lead growth in a multiple source scenario.

    So, I’d have tags for each source, automations for each tag, if an alternate tag (source) already exists when that tag is added, remove the secondary tag.Then any time a new source is added, a new segment “tag does not exist” condition would be added to the automation.


  • mailboxmediagroup
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    I considered something similar but using tags is going to get unwieldy very quickly.

    For me at least, the “static” fields that I want to track and NOT have overwrittern are for UTM Campaign, UTM Medium, and UTM Source. If I’m running and testing paid ads, there are potentially dozens (or maybe hundreds) of different combinations of that. Also I’m pulling in the UTM data programmatically from the URL and the form, and if I have to setup individual tags every time I run a new ad variation that adds to the complication.

    What I’d really like (and I haven’t used Infusionsoft, but it sounds like what was described originally) is when I create a custom field (or edit existing custom fields), to have a little tickbox that says “Field may not be overwritten” and then in the database on the backend you guys are checking “If Null” then allow data to be written to that field, but “If Not Null” then disregard/discard that data.

    Another option would be to have access to change tracking/historical data, so I could at least go back and see if/where any lead sources had changed. Or a way to export the complete historical/transaction records for all contacts (so I could slice and dice and run reports manually for those lead sources).

    Not a small request, I realize, but kind of critical for anyone that needs to do lead tracking for marketing purposes.

  • automatico
    automatico Melbourne
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    I’m interested in this too, and an important function.

    Using ‘tags for each source, automations for each tag’ is far from ideal as it seems a bit convoluted and a hassle to set up.

    mailboxmediagroup’s suggestions are good.

    As a minimum, you could have a system ‘Lead Source’ field that can’t be overwritten?



  • enochsears
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    @ted thanks for taking the time to research this with the “brain trust”.

    You lost me at the end with everything after “if an alternate tag (source) already…”

    For now I’m using Zapier to track all new contacts to AC on a Google spreadsheet which has fields for UTM Medium, Source and Campaign.

  • techne86602
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    This still seems to be an issue today. Is this something that is on your roadmap, ActiveCampaign? Several of your biggest competitors offer a better solution to track lead sources

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