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I would like to automate one same email to be send every monday for now on. How can I automate that?

I can only find scheduling to specific date etc. but not repeat every week or month.

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  • mguse
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    Hi Jerry!

    You can build an automation that will do the following:

    • Use a start trigger that corresponds to whatever condition the contacts will meet to receive the email
    • Add a wait step to wait until Monday (you can even select a specific time if you’d like)
    • Create the email
    • Add another wait step for at least 1 day (to make sure that it is past Monday)
    • Add a Go-To action that drops the contact back into the Monday wait step

    This cycle will just repeat every week, so the contact will continue to receive that message.

    Please let us know if you have any questions!


  • lempi
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    Thank you very much!

  • acaibrothers
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    Hi Meghan,

    What if I would like to do the above where I send an email every Thursday at 4pm which I can set up, but want the email each Thursday to be a different email not the same one?

  • theneatniche
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    @acaibrothers, have you figured this out? I’m looking to do the same.


  • callmargo96100
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    Hi there, I’m trying to replicate a weekly email, like the first question. I have set up the automation, and the specific tags for the contact – but when I view contacts, no one comes up. Help, any recommendations?

  • cleantime
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    Hi Meghan

    I’m using “enters a pipeline” so that I can put all my employees in one place. The first email sent out, and the “contacts included in this automation” went from 7 to 0 after the first email was sent out. Why do contacts leave the automation after the first round? help!

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