Form error messages are not in Spanish

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Hi AC Team!

We are dealing with the problem that the error messages the web visitors receive on all the forms are not in Spanish.

As we understand the messages should be on the browser lenguage, or on the AC Customer Choice when they are created (or that can be changed). It’s a limitation at this time for us. When we migrated to AC, as AC offered the product in spanish we assumed that they would appear in Spanish.

Are you planing to fix it ? if yes, when ?


Fernando Marquez


  • pleon
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    Hi @vivilasfotos1,

    We are aware of this, however I don’t know the timeline around a fix. For now, the only way to change the language is to use inline forms and manually change the error message in the code.

    Hope that helps!


  • vivilasfotos1
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    Hi Perry, thanks for the reply. This only fix the inline forms (editing each form code). Do you have any workaround on the others forms ?

    Is this fix on the plans?



  • easy2success
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    Hi, we need a way to translate errors i our language through the form UI.

    Having to use HTML is not a good option for obvious reasons.

    Please, ALWAYS keep in mind your international customer base, and do not hardcode messages.

    It does not make any sense nowadays.

    All the error messages should be translatable through the form builder, as it is in all the respected systems & WP based plugins.

    Why let your international audience suffer :wink:" alt=":wink:" />

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