Is it possible to run custom domains over SSL?

invalshoek The Hague
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I’ve setup ActiveCampaign to run on a subdomain off my website. I can access it over SSL when I manually add https to the url, but certain pages don’t work correctly. For example the overview page won’t load correctly.

I would like to let my customers access ActiveCampaign on a subdomain on my website over SSL. (for example

Is this possible?


  • leftbrainmarketing
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    This is a good question. Perhaps someone could answer it?

    Did you know that if you use a custom domain under the http protocol (not https, and therefore not secure), and you set up a form which you embed to a website which is under a https domain, the browser will declare the whole landing page unsecure because of the insecure form.

    However, if you log in with when you set up the form, everything works just fine.

    Something to remember for clients using unsecured custom domains.

  • Voicer
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    I have received very clear advice from Active Campaign Support as to CNAME forwards:

    “right now they do not have https. It is on our roadmap, but it’s not something we can change right now.”

    I wrote to them that to me, this is unacceptable (“on our roadmap” = no ETA = nobody know when)

    1. Browser manufacturers have been telling the web for months, if not years, that they will soon stop accepting http pages completely.
    2. SSL is EASY to implement
    3. Insecure Websites (or Browsers TELLING users that they were insecure, altough in fact AcitveCampaign migt just not do their job) will scare of users, B2B users in particular, B2B SAAS buyers specifically. This KILLS business, very simply and very clearly.

    Frrom 1+2+3 follows, IMHO, very clearly, that SSL for CNAMEs just HAS TO BE implemented rapidly, not even as a courtesy, but as a maintenance issue. Non-https these days is a SEVERE BUG.

    Why AC isn’t doing this is a complete mystery ot me. If anyone on this forum can help me either through explaining TO ME why I might be wrong or TO ACTIVECAMPAIGN why I’m right and that there needs to be more energy on this, I’d be very, very grateful!



  • smart4sales
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    Has anyone been able to solve this problem? Or has Active Campaign released this feature?


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