Site tracking code through Google Tag Manager

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Hi everyone,

did anybody setup the site tracking code through Google Tag Manager instead of pasting it in the website code ?

If yes and you have a methodology for that, that would be great.

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • nick
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    I have it running with GTM, no issues. Simply copied the AC tracking code into a Custom HTML tag and that’s it.

  • ihouse
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    I just added AC code through GTM, and it works but with an issue. All activities are double-tracked, but tag is fired only one time per pageview. I have no idea why…

    I modified standard code, for email tracking, but i don’t think that’s causing this problem:

    Second line of my code looks like that:

    var trackcmp_email = || '';


    i just found out, that problem occurs on Chrome, but on Firefox everything works properly. So, there is still an issue, but i geuss it’s caused by browser

  • labombilla
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    I just tried out to implement Site Tracking trhough GTM by copying the AC tracking code into a custom HTML tag, as Nick mentionned. But it does not work properly.

    I can’t find any information about it, and ActiveCampaign support has not been able to tell me how to setup ActiveCampaign website tracking with GTM.

    Do anyone knows how to do it?


  • socialwolfmedia
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    Under Tag configuration in GTM there is a dropdown that lets you choose the firing options. Once per page, once per event, unlimited. Do you know which one you have chosen?

  • Stephen_Moderator
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    I just wanted to jump in here. We get a lot of visits to this thread and a lot of people find the information above very helpful, which it is! (if you did too, please like the post so others can find it easier on the forum :+1:" alt=":+1:" />)

    Technically, this is a Google feature, so we don’t have any official documentation on our end.

    However, what you can do is you paste your tracking code into a custom HTML tag for the Google Tag Manager. Make sure to hit the “publish” option so that it is enabled.

    Here is a guide that Google offers on how to Setup Up and Install the Tag Manager and add a code snip-it which should help:

    More on how site-tracking works on our end and how to grab your unique tracking code in your account:

    Other things to note, in general, to trigger site tracking a contact must:

    Submit an ActiveCampaign form

    Click on a tracked link in an email

    If you continue to have issues, you’ll need to reach out to our Support Team so they can take a closer look as it’s likely an account-specific problem.

    Thanks to OPs here for offering such a sought after discussion and answer here!

  • TimSchuster
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    Hey all, my first forum question here! I’m working on an Active Campaign landing page. I’m trying to fire a Google Tag and direct the user to an URL. The page builder allows for custom code on the button click, but we keep getting a dead link. Any ideas?

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