Phone Integration with ActiveCampaign CRM - Looking for Beta Users

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Hi guys,

My name is Andriy and Im the CEO of Nectar Desk and long time user of Active Campaign

Nectar Desk is an interactive Phone System and Call Center Software

As we are actively using AC CRM and Marketing Automation for our own sales process it was a no-brainer that we must create a decent integration between our Phone System and AC to increase productivity of sales guys as well as our support team

Now we have made this integration available for general public and we believe many of you may benefit out of this integration

Couple of Features we already have live:

  • Auto and Manual Log of Calls into AC. So lets say you dial your prospect then right after call is over we will Log call details as well as Call recording link to AC
  • Create Contact and Deals on the fly, right within Nectar Desk interface so you guys dont need to do manual input call notes in AC after the call is completed
  • Screen Pop with Caller Information based on Active Campaign records. On Inbound call is we find match of the phone number with one of your contact in Active Campaign we will display this information for you before you even answer the call

We are looking for Beta Users for this integration so if you think your sales/support team would benefit from this integration please send me a quick note and I’ll get you set up.

I’ll be glad to provide 70% off lifetime discount for the members of this community who will participate in our Beta.

For more details please visit: Nectar Desk + Active Campaign


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