How to edit Labels?

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I have some Labels I’d like to edit, either change the name of, or the color of the label, but I can’t seem to find any way to do this.

The only option for labels is you can delete them, but not edit them. Is there any way to do this?




  • Brian
    Brian Chicago, IL
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    Hi Mark!

    Sure is! Here’s a quick video showing you how:

  • bizi360
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    Hi Brian,

    thanks so much!

    I was trying to do it when I was in the Campaigns tab but when you hover over the labels in Campaigns, the only option that appears is the little garbage can (delete).

    It’s only when you are in the Automations tab that both Edit and Delete show up upon hover over the labels. That’s why I couldn’t find because I was trying to do it under Campaigns and its not there.

    Thanks again!


  • Brian
    Brian Chicago, IL
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    Ah, interesting. I hadn’t noticed that inconsistency. I’ll submit this to our internal bug tracking. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • learnpowerbi
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    The link for the video does not work anymore. But I got these updated instructions from Support :slight_smile:

    They are also working on getting a Label Editor up and running, but meanwhile here is the workaround.


    • Go to “Forms”

    • Select a form (any will do) and add to that form the label you want to edit / rename

    • Once that label is associated with the form you will be able to click the pencil icon next to the label

    • And then rename it and hit “Create” to update the label name in the ActiveCampaign account


  • ndannemann
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    Editing Labels both on the automations or the forms view seems broken for me.

    On the automations view the option is not there.

    On the forms view the changes dont save (error in console)


    The saving bug was probably caused by the Google Chrome lastpass extension, which seems to break a few things in AC

  • speralawgroup
    edited August 2019

    I had to go to Forms to edit a label for an automation. Saving worked (even with Lastpass Chrome Extension installed), but it’s odd/not intuitive that I can’t edit labels in the automation tab.

  • simplix
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    Does anybody knows a way to delete a Label? It work for me edit but doesn´t have a way to delete it.

  • elegantsimplicity
    edited March 2020

    I noticed this during my onboarding; the onboarding specialist wasn’t aware of the issue around labels either.

    It’s weird to me that the “labels” is not a priority as they have a “tags” manager already. It’s nearly the same framework.

    Hoping they fix this ASAP but doesn’t look like it since it’s already been a year for you guys!

  • cahoop
    edited February 17

    Hi all

    Just found this thread - still haven’t managed to figure out how to edit the “name” or “colour” of an already saved “automation label”.

    Does anyone know if this is possible? Seems like a very odd feature gap.


  • GabiL
    edited February 17

    Hey @cahoop, you can edit the labels from the Forms page. This article outlines the process. Hope this helps!


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