Question: are contacts automatically synced?

santafeway Santa Fe, NM

The Chrome extension is awesome, been waiting for this! I was just about to purchase ProsperWorks which has a great Chrome extension integrated into gmail and was going to sync ProsperWorks with AC. Now I don’t need ProsperWorks!

Does the extension automatically sync AC contacts with gmail and then Google Contacts?

Or do we still need to use a syncing service like PieSync or Zapier or Segment to sync Google Contacts and AC?

If so, which is more robust and complete PieSync or Zapier or Segment?

Thanks for the extension!



  • jason
    jason Founder
    edited April 2016

    Glad you like it!

    It currently does not sync AC contacts with Gmail/Google Contacts. Something worth noting as feedback (I have) as we have quite a few plans to extend this…

    Have heard good things with both PieSync and Zapier for such a sync.

  • santafeway
    santafeway Santa Fe, NM
    edited April 2016

    Great, thanks Jason and keep up the great work!

  • gregagrmovsek
    edited October 2016

    @santafeway With Zapier you can create triggers that will add new contacts to both AC and Google Contacts, but changes to your existing contacts changes will not be synced. Zapier is valuable when you need triggered actions, but for two-way sync, Piesync would be the way to go as it both creates new contacts and updates existing in near-real time (every 5 min). Here’s a short overview of differences between Piesync vs Zapier.



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