Which one would you start first? Campaign; List; Form or Automation??

Hi everyone,

This has been the one question that slowed me down recently but I still made some good progress with using the platform.

For anyone of you who are using AC efficiently; what would you set up first among these 4 tools??



List ?


The goal is to develop a systematic process for myself

Thank you


  • I imported my contacts and made an "all" list. As I go over my prospects, I then put them into specific lists.

    I then designed templates to be used in campaigns. This is where I spent the most time.

    I have about 8 templates per automation (drip campaign.) I have also created campaigns (assigning templates) to send one template (email) to my prospect.

    You can send yourself emails throughout the drip to remind you to call them, send postcard (letter) or let you know the drip is finished.

    I've been using for about two years but still have soooooo much to learn. [email protected] if I can help.

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