Refresh form button on Thank You Message

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I am wanting to add a script button in the Thank You page of a form so that after you submit the form, you have the option to submit another form, same one with different contact details.

I am using Zapier to create webinar registrations, but would like the option to register multiple people without having to refresh the page manually and instead use a button that refreshes the page. I have code for the button, just wondering if I can add this into the Thank You message.

Add another attendee

The button would essentially refresh the page but it automatically takes the user back to their current position on the page.



  • acis
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    My current work around is to use the following code in the Thank You message which refreshes the page, but ideally a button would be good - something that only refreshes the frame.

    Thank you for registering. A confirmation email will be sent directly from Zoom for each event.

    <br><div style="font-size:12px !important; font-color: #ef5d60 !important;"><a href=""><em>Refresh the page to add another attendee.</em></a></div>

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