Personlised File Link

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I am needing to send out a file to my contacts, but each file received is personalised to the contact receiving it. I’ve tried the dropbox integration, however I can only send the campaign to one contact as if I send it to all contacts then they will all see that one personal file.

I tried talking to support and they suggested the below but I need a guide on how to do this please if someone could show me?? Or a better method?

My goal I need to achieve is a way for the above so that I can then make an automation that if a contact does not open an email, then it can resend it to those that didn’t open it… but of course it needs to only send the file that each contact is associated with.

Support Suggested the Below:

You can use personalisation tags in the link, which grabs the values from custom fields to have a personalised link, like this:

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