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Platform Update: Expanding the Deals CRM App (8)
Platform Update: Introducing Task Assignment (1)
Announcement: Win Probability! (1)
Introducing Automations Map! (2)
New app: Forms for ActiveCampaign iPad app (2)
New feature: Calendar sync (2)
Product Updates: Recent Updates Round Up (1)
New Feature: Deal Owner Personalization Tags (1)
Product Update: Saved Responses (3)
Product Update: 13 of our Latest Integrations (1)
Product Update: "Has been sent" condition (1)
Feature Update: Introducing Automation “QuickLinks” (1)
Feature Update: Email Designer Enhancements (1)
New Feature: ActiveCampaign Attribution (1)
New integration: The WooCommerce Deep Data Integration is here (1)
New feature: Site Messages give you another way to reach your contacts (1)
Feature update: Chrome Extension 3.0 now available (6)
New API: The Ecommerce Deep Data Integration Beta is now available (1)
New integration: Shopify Deep Data Integration now available (1)
New feature: "Makes a purchase" automation workflow trigger (1)
New feature round up: Automation contact report, merge + delete contacts, control sending addresses, and more (1)
New integration: BigCommerce Deep Data Integration now available (1)