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Hi Folks, just saying Hi! (2)
Hi, I'm Alex - Founder of LeadFreak - Big fan of AC (5)
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I'm Chris from LifterLMS - Looking to optimzel our AC setup in 2017 (3)
I'm Claire, a Project Manager with for a news organisation, interested in hearing from other media companies on their experience with ActiveCampaign to date (1)
Hi everyone I'm Sergio (4)
Hi Im Sparks (3)
I'm Ash -- Co-founder and Head of Product at Aumet (3)
I'm John from - new to email marketing (6)
I'm Cameron with Axis Defined. Previous coder entering marketing automation (1)
I'm Nathalie and I love ambitious business owners :) (10)
I'm Chef Tony, restaurant owner and marketing consultant (6)
Hey, I am Dr. Sudeep Shroff (6)
I'm Nicholas from Florida (5)
I'm Big Jason, and I make ActiveCampaign "sing" (9)
I'm Amelia, who helps people learn the art of co-leading (2)
I'm Mike, I help people open/operate companies in Hong Kong (3)
I'm David. I'm an author who teaches people about visual design (6)
Hi I'm David, a Conversion Rate Optimization Consultant from the UK (12)
Hi, I'm Cassie from the UK (4)
I’m Peter from Amsterdam building an online eBook reader that integrates with AC (3)
Hi, I'm Libor from Czech Republic (2)